Can the JRK 12v12 also control an RC servo?

Dear experts,

Is it possible to directly connect an RC servo to a JRK 12v12 board? And if so, how would I need to connect it?

This may be a silly question because I saw that pololu offers specific servo controllers, while the JRK 12v12 board is labeled as motor controller:

At the moment I am using some JRK 12v12 boards for controlling 12V motors with a potentiometer for feedback.

However, it could be interesting to control an RC servo instead.

The software I am using is SimTools.

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The jrk can essentially function similarly as the internal circuity found in a servo (e.g. do closed-loop position control of a motor using an analog feedback signal and accept hobby RC signals as an input). For example, the Torxis Servo uses a jrk as its main control unit inside the casing:

However, the jrk cannot output standard hobby RC signals that control a servo.

It sounds like you might have already seen our Maestro USB Servo Controllers. A Maestro would be much more appropriate for controlling servos.


Thank you, Brandon. That is what I assumed.

Yes, I saw the Torxis Servo.

This is actually what I also did: Connect a high torque motor with a pot and control this setup with a JRK 12v12. Works perfectly (after the mysterious temporary issue i recently had).

What I would like now is to control 2 motors in parallel, so that they move synchronously. That means I only have one position information, and both motors shall synchronously move to this position.

This is why I was thinking of RC servos. I guess such a solution is not possible with a single JRK 12v12 board, right? Because I would have 2 motors and a single potentiometer (which can only be connected to one of the motors). Thus the other one could move out of sync.

You are correct. Running two motors in parallel using the feedback from only one of them could end up with the motors unsynchronized, particularly when the load on each motor varies.