Can Maestro be used to read 64 CPR encoder


I have a 37D 19:1 motor with 64 CPR encoder that is driven by a 18v7 SMC over USB from my PC using the Pololu USB SDK. I would like to feedback the output of the encoder to my PC.

First, is the Maestro capable reading the encoder output? The max output shaft speed of the motor is 500rpm, which corresponds to approximately 10,000 counts per second of the encoder, or one count per 100 micro-seconds.

Second, if the Maestro is not capable, what is the best/most cost effective means of reading the encoder on my PC over USB?


Hello, Brian. I think the most cost effective way to read that encoder would be to get a Baby Orangutan and program it to read the encoder and output the readings via serial. Then connect the Baby Orangutan’s serial lines to the Maestro or some other device that can act as a USB-to-serial adapter. You would need to know some C programming to get this to work, but it should be pretty easy because we provide libraries for reading encoders and sending serial data.


Thanks David. This is exactly the information I was looking for. The programming will not be a problem – I just didn’t want to overspend on an expensive microcontroller if I didn’t need to. The Baby Orangutan looks like a good fit.

- Brian