Can i work with 2 maestro

i have 3 mastro 24 sc.
can i use only 1 usb cable??
or do i have to have 3 usb to each controler?

i have tried to connect grd-grd & tr-tx
& tx -tr
used the vin jumper to get power - - i have got yelow led


Hello, x314.

There is no pin on the Maestro named “tr” so I’m not sure what you are talking about. Please see the section of the Maestro User’s Guide about Serial Settings and Daisy Chaining:

You will need to use USB to initially configure each Maestro to be in the correct serial mode and you will need to configure each Maestro to have a different device number. You will need to write some software that sends the correct serial bytes; the Maestro Control Center and UscCmd both require a direct USB connection.


Hi david,

you right - no tx.

i am tring to write an application to control 100 servoes.
for that i am tring to avoid 5 usb cables & i preffer to have all the servoes in the same place so i can use them by servo ID.

i have tried to conect 2 maestros to each other GND ->GND, Tx->Rx, & conect the VIN to + Power on board.

  1. is it posible to have 5 boards of maestro to be connected to each other & 1 usb to computer?

  2. if not - do you have any sample code to comunicate with few maestro together?

Thanks, yaniv.


I am tring to connect 2 maestro 24 to computer with 1 usb cable - No succedd yet.

Is it posible?

Thanks, yaniv.

Yes. The links I posted earlier explain how to do it. You’ll have to configure the Maestros correctly, write some simple software to generate the correct serial commands. I would download Visual C# Express and use the .NET SerialPort class, but you can send bytes to a serial port from pretty much any programming environment so choose the one that works for you.


Hello yaniv.

You already asked about 3 Maestros and 5 Maestros and the answer was “yes”. The answer is “yes” for 2 Maestros as well. The answer is “yes” for any number of Maestros between 2 and 128.

I have merged this topic into your previous topic because you’re basically asking the same question.

An alternative to my previous suggestion is to put a USB hub in your project and connect each Maestro to it with a USB cable. Then you can plug the hub into your computer using a single USB cable. This should be easier to set up than the serial connection but both are doable.