Can I set Micro Maestro to USB dual port mode using UscCmd

Bought several new Micro Maestros (MM). My PC is dead so no access to Maestro Control Center. I want to control just one servo connected to the MM from a Raspberry Pi using UscCmd (ssh into the RP from a mac). But the MM seems to just sleep with a blinking yellow light. I figure the MM needs to be configured to USB dual port mode. Can I do that by downloading the config file in the MM, modifying it, and uploading it again to the MM?


Yes, you should be able to change the serial mode with UscCmd; just change the contents of the SerialMode tag in the config file from UART_DETECT_BAUD_RATE to USB_DUAL_PORT. For more detailed instructions, you can refer to this post (but be sure to choose the right mode).


thanks. works beautifully.