Can I drive 100ft of 10ga with the 24v23 contr?

I have an application where I need to be 100ft from a test site for safety reasons. The motor is a 24V 10A DC brushed linear actuator. I know the best solution would be to have the motor controller close to the motor but I can not do that. Is it possible to to drive 100ft of 10ga. twisted pair cable with the controller? If so any precautionary recommendations? Would I be better off just using a DC power supply with a DPDT switch to reverse direction? Any suggestions would be appreciated.



I think it should be okay, and I expect it to work better than a switch, but if your current is high, there could be a very substantial voltage drop over wires that long. Is it possible for you to put the motor, motor controller, and motor power source all in the same place (or much closer, at least) and use some kind of wireless system like a Wixel or XBee to send commands to the controller?

- Ben