Can i do them with Mini Maestro 12?

Hi ,
I am gonna built a robot.
i have 6 servos and i’m gonna control to servos via play station controller.
İ want to control servos how much i want. then save positions.
(Like industial robot arms)
And i wanna write a software for this aplication.(I know C# and Visiual Basic)
So can i do this aplications with this products?

thak you…



It isn’t clear from your post how you expect to connect the PlayStation controller to the Maestro, but generally your idea sounds feasible if you use a computer as the intermediary between the controller and the Maestro. To investigate the idea further, you could look at the Pololu USB Software Developement Kit.

- Ryan

Thank you for your interest,
i think; i have to explain my project;
think about a robotic arm,

i’m gonna built somethink like this;
Actullly this is very easy project,
but i have diferantions,
I wanna control x,y,z coordinates,
because of this all of servos move together.(same time)
And I need interface on the computer.i,(I mean nevermind to playstation controller)
I say again; I know C++ ,C# and Basic.
Can i do them with Mini Maestro 12 ?
thank you.

Yes, you can use all of those languages to communicate with the Maestro via its virtual serial port. Alternatively, you could use the Maestro’s native USB interface. The Pololu USB SDK has several example projects that communicate with the Maestro’s native USB interface using C#, so I would recommend using that.

- Ryan