Can i do that with micro maestro?


i have a micro maestro 6 channels and i control two servos
with one potensiometer.when i turn the potensiometer right
both servos turn right,when i turn left both turn left.
all i want to do is one servo to turn always right whatever direction
i give to the there a script that can do that?
sorry but i am new at programming.



You should be able to control a servo like that with a Maestro script. It sounds like you would just need to change your script to have two cases (one for values above the potentiometers neutral point and one for values below its neutral point). Then add a bit of math to invert the values below the neutral point of the potentiometer, and you should be on the way. If you give it a try and are having problems, you can post the script you have worked on, and I would be glad to look it over.


finally i did not manage to find a solution.
i solve my problem changing hardware configuration.
thanks anyway