Can I control leds with the mini-mestro controllers?

Hi, First of all, sorry for my English, and hello to everybody, i’m new here.
I’m doing a computer case mod and i need to control, 10 or 15 leds in the front panel simulating a old computer system. I need to control them by an usb port from the motherboard.
I know that there are expensive usb rele’s controllers, and some leds matrix, but without controller. i haven’t a arduino or similar stuff.
i have seen the mini maestro servo controller, and i can see it’s very easy to progam via usb. Can i power on (permanently) a led, power off, blinking it, and program flashing figures with this controller (5v leds)?
Thanks in advance.


You might be able to do some of the things you referred to with the Maestro. However, for programming a matrix of LEDs the Maestro might not be the best choice. You might consider using a microcontroller for more programming flexibility. The Arduino you mentioned in your post might be a good choice, as there are a lot of resources out there for it, and you might be able to find someone who has done a similar project with a little searching.