CAD design for Pololu - Motor with 64 CPR Encoder for 37D mm Metal Gearmotors (No Gearbox)

I am designing a Motor-Generator set with the help these motors. I want to know mechanical design of these motors.

Please provide the information about the gears. Also, suggest me if I can use two motors cascaded so that one works as a motor and another as a generator.

Thank you


It looks like you are referring to the motor without gearbox, so the only gear that is on the motor is the pinion gear, and information for that can be found on the “Descriptions” tab under the “Pinion Gear Specs” heading of the motor’s product page.

Additionally, we have added a dimensional diagram and .STEP file under the “Resources” tab of that product page.

There is nothing explicitly preventing our gearmotors from being used as generators, but please note that they are not specifically designed for that, and we have not characterized how they perform in such applications. You would need to test them for yourself to see if they are suitable for what you are trying to do.


Thank you Rocky.