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BT_BOARD V1.02pro JY-MCU bluetooth

Anyone have any luck with this? I cannot get any response (LED or signal) from it.
It is strange, looks like a BLANK white PC board, with only a 5–3.3v regulator and one chip with 2 leads.

Where’s the ‘smarts’ and antenna?

I found a better one with specs and visible chips on it and have it on order.

Just wondering if anyone got this one going?


Hello, Bo.

I moved this topic out of the 3pi/Zumo forum because you are not asking about those robots.

Is this the bluetooth board you are referring to?

buyintao.ru/taobao-products/taob … 26135.html

If so, it looks like you need to solder some bluetooth module to it. All those little pieces of exposed metal are pads that allow a chip to be soldered.


whoops, I’m hooking it to my 3pi.
i guess i got suckered for $3 on ebay. i have some real ones ordered. thanks, bo