BSOD with Maestro

I am getting consistent BSOD (BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER, type=4) if I shutdown Windows 7 (64) with the Maestro plugged in. I have also had 2 occurrences while the system is running (Maestro plugged in for several hours). Is there anything I can look at or try, to isolate this?


I am sorry you are having trouble with the Maestro. We have not heard of this problem before but we can help you troubleshoot it. Is there any more technical information on the blue screen of death besides “BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER, type=4”? Even if the information looks look like nonsense to you, it might help identify the problem.

We can try disabling specific Maestro drivers to see which one might be causing the problem. As a first step, let’s try disabling all the Maestro drivers just to make sure the problem goes away. To do this, please:

[li]Open the Device Manager.[/li]
[li]In the “View” menu, select “Devices by connection”.[/li]
[li]Locate the entries for the Micro Maestro in that view. There should be three entries whose names mention the Maestro, and they should all be children of a device named “USB Composite Device”. Could you take a screenshot of all 4 of those entries and post it here just in case there is any indication of something unusual?[/li]
[li]Right click on the “USB Composite Device” entry and select “Disable”. This action will make the Maestro unusable on your computer, but you can always undo it later by choosing “Enable”.[/li]
[li]With the Maestro’s composite device disabled, try shutting down the computer and see if the BSOD still happens.[/li][/ol]