Bluetooth\Wifi communication between Maestro and PC,doable?


I wrote a c# program that handles my 24 Channel Maestro board, of course I used a USB cable to connect the Maestro to my PC, now I’m interesting in taking this project to a higher level, I want the same things to work wirelessly.
Would it be possible to maintain two-way wireless communication between the Maestro and a PC?
If so, what I need is a kind of bluetooth or a Wifi module, any suggestions?

Check out the XBee modules: … p#overview

They let you easily create a wireless serial link. You would connect one XBee to your Maestro’s RX, TX, and GND lines, then connect the other XBee to your computer via a suitable USB-to-serial adapter. To learn about sending serial commands to your Maestro, please read this section of the user’s guide: