Blue Arrow D50024MG

Hi all,
I’m trying to control the Blue arrow D50024MG using the mini Meastro 18 channels. Unfortunately, the motor behaves in a very weird way, for instance: when I un-check the command enable the motor is supposed to stop its motion and it does’ t not happen, plus when I run my script using the PowerHD AR-3606HB everything works perfectly, when I switch over using the Blue Arrow the script doesn’t properly work.
Is it a particular setting that I have to introduce into which may allow me to correctly communicate with the motor?


The Maestro sends out standard RC control signals over a 1-2 ms pulse range. Since it is working fine with the PowerHD AR-3606HB servo, the Maestro seems to be working properly. I am not familiar with the Blue Arrow servo, but a couple of possibilities could be the cause of this unexpected behavior. The first is that the Blue Arrow servo might have some type of memory feature to remember the last command it received and keep doing that. Rather that un-checking the “Enable” box, does the Blue arrow servo stop when you send a position command to setting it to its neutral position? The script example “A simple servo sequence” in the Example Scripts section of the user’s guide shows how to set a servo position to 1.5ms. This should be neutral according to the Blue Arrow servo’s product page.

Another possibility is that the Blue Arrow servo might draw more current than the PowerHD servo causing a brown out situation in which the voltage drops. If this is the case, and your Maestro shares the same power supply, it could cause erratic behavior. How are you powering the Maestro and servos? What are the voltage and current ratings of your power source? If they are powered from the same source, can you try again with separate power supplies and see if that helps?


Hi Derrill,

Thank you so much for the answer, actually I found the problem, which is connected to what you suggested before. Basically in my script I was changing the motor direction (with acceleration set to 0) by sensing a couple of switches with the maestro. When the motor tried to change direction it absorbed unusual amount of current which produced a bad sensing of a different switch and consequentially a weird behavior. If the acceleration is smoother (set to 2) everything seems to be working properly.

Thanks Again!!!