Bizzare Problem Using Teensy 3.2 with MicroMaestro

I’m working on a robot which utilizes A Teensy 3.2 board to control the robots mechanical components. To this, I’ve added a MicroMaestro Servo Controller to control the servos the robot needs. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get the Maestro to respond to commands from the Teensy alone. However, when I connect the Maestro to computer with the MaestroControlSystem software, it is suddenly able to receive commands from the Teensy. Does anyone have any idea why this would be?


One possibility is that the Maestro in having trouble recognizing signals from the Teensy, since the Teensy uses 3.3V logic and the Maestro uses 5V; the Maestro might be able to see 3.3V as HIGH, but it is not guaranteed. You will probably want to use a logic level shifter (like this one) to convert the 3.3V signal to a 5V signal for the Maestro. However, since the boards are able to communicate when the Maestro is plugged into a computer, I also think it might be a connection or grounding issue. Can you send us pictures of your setup clearly showing all your connections between the two boards and the power supplies?

- Amanda