Bind servos to WASD or ARROW keys

Is it possible to bind servos to keys? Preferably with variable sensitivity. I have made a quick little turret gun with a toy water gun and 3 servos (one for the x-y plane, one for the z axis, and one for trigger). Could a mouse be used (mouse moves up the z-axis servo moves up…etc). If not Is it possible to set a button to move it as far as it can as long as it is pressed or is it only possible to have them move to a set position.

From your other posts, it sounds like you are using one of our Maestro servo controllers, so I moved your post to a more appropriate sub-forum.

You might try writing an AutoHotkey script that runs UscCmd, the Maestro’s command line utility, which should allow you to do things like set the servo speed, target, and acceleration from keyboard button presses. We have an example for how to move a servo using AutoHotkey under the “Maestro Scripts” section of our Application Note: Using AutoHotkey with Pololu USB Products.


Thank You I think that will work I do have a decent bit of experience with AHK