Best way to control a remote control car

Hey guys!!
I am currently building a car that works with skid steering (4wd) with 4 seperate micrometal gear motors(HPCB 100:1, 6V) . I have them connected to an arduino uno for now, but in the future i would like to transition to a smaller arduino ( mini pro, teensy, etc). I am using two DRV8835 Dual Motor Driver Carrier in order for each driver to control two motors separately. I am controlling these motors through PWM.

My constraints and considerations are:

The car must be super light weight, so I would prefer a smaller device
The remote control must be ergonomic for user
I would prefer a joy stick type remote in order to variate the speed transitionally.
NOT concerned with long range, only about 10-20 ft
Low power consumption is a must.
I would also like it control a Brushless DC motor in the future, but not varying speed, just on and off.
Thank you for the help!!


If you are looking for a small microcontroller you might consider our A-Star 32U4 Micro. We do not have a wireless controller setup. You might take a look at ServoCity’s selection of RC transmitter and receivers and see if one of those might work for your setup. We do not have a brushless DC motor controller, but maybe you could just use something like a relay if you just need to toggle power,