Best Rules for Line Following and Line Maze?

I’ll be having a line following and line maze contest in February. So far, there are 8 robots signed up with two 3PIs and a DC Motor entry trying to outrun the two 3PIs. I’ve posted some basic rules at:

…and I would appreciate any leads to sources of better or more comprehensive rules for both events.

Hello RoboticsProfessor,

Our local robot club, LVBots ( has line following and maze solving contests bi-annually.

Here are our line following rules:

Here are our maze solving rules:

One difference that jumps out at me is that you did not specify if your maze would have loops. Loops add additional difficulty to maze solving because you cannot simply use the left hand rule to solve the maze.

I hope you can post some videos (or at least pictures) of your contest so we can all see the robot entrants. I would enjoy seeing them.