Best motor controller for LED light dimming

Pololu seems to have lots of PWM DC motor controllers. I want to design and build a system to use an Arduino to control the LED lighting system for my fish tanks. The idea would be to use the Arduino to program the light cycle (dawn, full on, dusk). The largest LED array I would be using would draw 10 amps at 12 volts. I would connect the Arduino PWM output directly to the motor controller

Which of the Pololu PWM DC motor controllers would be the easiest/best to use?



Have you tried using our product comparison webpage? Here is a comparison of all of our motor drivers and controllers sorted by continuous output current per channel.
Is your LED array a single color? If so, this Simple Motor Controller might be a good choice. Instead of controlling it from an Arduino PWM you would control it via USB from a computer, or Software Serial from your Arduino.

- Ryan