Beginner problem - Sequence with autohotkey

Hello, i’m kinda newbie here, and i’m reading the Application Note: Using AutoHotkey with Pololu USB Products.

I’ve been trying recently to use autohotkey to start a sequence , but all i’ve got was the red LED and a “Usccmd has stopped working” problem using :

^!u:: Run usccmd --sub 0,,Hide 

I’m not having any trouble to move the servos with:

^!c::Run usccmd --servo 0`,7500,,Hide
^!b:: Run usccmd --servo 0`,4500,,Hide

Can someone help me please?
Thank you very much

I have a 12-channel maestro.

Hello, al777.

I’m sorry you are having trouble.

Could you try running these two commands at a Command Prompt and tell me what happens?

usccmd --sub 0


When i opened the cmd, i realized that i need to start the device script, i must have missed this part, sorry.

So, i made it, but for some reason, the red LED keeps on all the time, maybe my servos are drawing too much current, and this kinda resets the device,
that is strange because when i start the sequence using the Maestro Control Center, i do not get the red LED.

Okay, thank you very much for you help, i am goingo to study a little more and see what can i do.



I’m glad you are making progress. If the red LED is on all the time it probably means that either you turned it on in your script or an error occurred. Could you check your script for “led_on” commands and check the Maestro Control Center’s Errors tab?