Battery wiring


I just ordered a whole bunch of pololu stuff to try and make an obstacle-avoiding robot with (based on the sv-328).
To power the system, I’ve bought a 7.2 NiMH battery pack ( as well as a 6xAAA battery holder.

My question is simple: what do you guys use to neatly connect the battery to your charger? Most chargers I find online (I’m in Europe/NL) have either banana plugs or tamya connectors, that don’t directly hook up to the female plug on the pololu battery. As I want the robot to remain simple, I don’t have the PCB space to hook up a switch (to disconnect the battery from the rest of the circuit) and to add a connector for the charger.

Any tips?


The SV-328 has two pads just below the power terminal block. You can solder a 1x2 female header there, then, when you want to charge your battery, turn off the SV-328, and connect two wires to the header and then connect the other ends to the alligator clips on your battery charger.

- Ryan

That sounds good. Didn’t notice the two pads, so I’ll use that :slight_smile: Thanks!