Basics help for script writing Micro Maestro, Win 10 please

Hello Im looking for a point in the right direction to learn how to use the Micro Maestro with serial, USB or potentiometer control. Here is some background info on my skill level and end goal in my project.

Project = 4 996R servo for robot arm

Skill level/ Exp= Novice but i have acomplished controlling the robot arm with potentiometers, Arduino IDE and used copy paste to make a custom sketch. (added libraries, used esp32 web control, etc…)

Goal= To use the Micro M and potentiometers to control arm and map tolerances. to understand serial communication better and learn the coding lingo like C++ and Python. basically a code i can copy and run to understand the process and similar steps like I did with Arduino (ino files) IDE.

any feedback is good feedback…thanks in advanced.


Have you read through the Maestro user’s guide? The “Serial Interface” section has information about the supported protocols and available commands, as well as various code examples.

Additionally, if you are interested in using the Maestro as a standalone device to control the servos using a potentiometer as an input, the “Using an analog input to control servos” script in the “Example Scripts” section of the Maestro user’s guide is one example of how to do that.

If you have any specific questions about any of these resources, please let me know, and I would be glad to help clarify.