b2 high voltage(TD60 Tandelta test system)

The TD60 tandelta test system by b2hv is a portable cable diagnostics system for confirming the dielectric condition of medium voltage cables.

The battery powered, weight optimized device - only 5 kg - is perfectly suitable for mobile use.

A sinusoidal 0.1 Hz VLF output voltage source
HVA60 AC hipot
must be used with TD60 tandelta test system, usable over a range between 1 to 62 kV peak.

The dissipation factor measurement is performed with an accuracy of ± 10-⁴ for loads in the range of 15 nF to 5 μF.

For small loads of 1 to 15 nF, accuracy is still in the range of ± 3 x 10-⁴.

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