AVR programmer with red LED flashing

My AVR programmer is flashing the red LED, investigate and find out what the voltage is, then I decided to measure the ISP output and I am not giving voltage to the vcc and gnd pins, my question is what can I do to repair the problem of the red LED and that my computer detects the programmer


Just for added clarification, are you using the older Pololu USB AVR Programmer or the Pololu USB AVR Programmer v2? How are you powering your target AVR device? Can you post a screenshot of the Configuration Utility?

- Amanda


The problem that my programmer presents is that the red LED that is constantly flashing and does not let me download programs to the baby orangutan.

I am wired as follows:
From my computer to the programmer pololu and from this to the baby orangutan.

The programmer that I am using is the AVR (Pololu item #: 1300).

Annex images of connections and photo of the behavior of my pololu programmer.

The blinking red LED on the Pololu USB AVR Programmer is indicating that the Baby Orangutan is not powered properly, which seems to be the problem from your picture. The older AVR programmer does not power the target device, so you will need to directly supply power to the Baby Orangutan. You can find more information about the AVR programmer’s LEDs under the “Module Pinout and Components” section in its user’s guide.

- Amanda

Hello, thank you for your support, my baby orangutan already has the program loaded.

The problem was solved by energizing the orangutan baby.