Assembly programming of the Maestro

Hi !

I have a 12-servo maestro, I would like to know if its possible to program it with assembly or C language to increase the speed of execution.
Do I have to upload it to the maestro as a firmware ? Is there tools to develop a new firmware ?

Thanks !


The Maestro is based on a standard microcontroller, so you could program it yourself with a lot of effort (we do not have any support for that), but if you want to write low-level code, why not just use a general purpose microcontroller board like the Baby Orangutan? What are you planning to do with it?


I am trying to make a PID control loop on a brushless motor, but after testing the speed of the scripting language, maybe it will be fast enough !
I realised that the motor only receive speed commands at 50 Hz anyway.

Thanks for the fast reply, the pololu maestro is really a great item !

Okay, then, good luck and please let us know how your project goes!