Arduino, VNH5019, 37D x2, and Bluetooth

I’m building an Arduino powered bot with an Android smartphone controlling the motion via a bluetooth connection (BlueSmirf). First question: are the Tx,Rx ports on the Arduino available for my Bluetooth device when using the VNH5019 shield? Second question: okay to drive 2 37D’s (no encoders) with the VNH5019?


The shield does not use the Arduino hardware serial pins (0 and 1). The shield product page has a diagram that shows the Arduino pins it uses by default, so you can determine if the pins you care about are available. Note that if a particular pin is not available, the shield allows you to remap the default default pin assignments to free up those pins for other applications. You can find out more about this in section 6.a of the user’s guide.

The shield will work with our 37D motors (the shield can deliver a continuous 12 A per channel, and each 37D motor has a stall current of 5 A at 12 V, so you’re well within what the driver can comfortably handle).

- Ben