Arduino and 3Pi

I want to program the 3Pi with Arduino (1.5.5) but under Tools-Boards i can not find
Pololu Orangutan or 3Pi robot.
So, the question is with Boards must i choose to program the 3Pi?

See these instructions

Hallo Jim.
Thanks for the reply but there is no answer on my question.
Please give me a hint.


That link fully explains how to program your 3PI or Orangutan using the Arduino environment. How does that not answer your question?


We have not tested the instructions in the “Programming Orangutans and the 3pi Robot from the Arduino Environment” guide with Arduino 1.5.5, which is still in beta. However, you might try the suggested modification to the boards.txt file found in this thread. Alternatively, if you switch to Arduino 1.0.5, that should work with the instructions given in that guide.