Another needing help with wiring a4983

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First of all I have read the data sheets and searched the website, so don’t flame me.
I purchased a bipolar stepper motor (product 1207) and a a4983 motor driver (product 1202) from you. The motor description has the wires labeled as A,B,C,D. The labels on the motor driver are listed as 1A, 2A, 1B, 2B. Did i missing something? What is the mapping i need to connect the motor to the board?

Also i have seen some discussion on “floating pins” that need to be connected? Can you provide a listing of basic pins that need to be connected and what values need to be set to…
thanks for your help.

Hi farmertom,

Have you taken a look at the wiring diagram for product #1201 here? This is the version of the carrier board without the voltage regulator, but most of the connections (with the exception of VDD, I think) should be the same anyway.

As the diagram shows, 1A and 1B should be connected to one coil of the stepper motor and 2A and 2B should be connected to the other. From the diagram on the 1207 product page, you can see that A and C make up one coil and B and D are the other. (You can verify which leads are paired with a multimeter - choose two leads, and if there’s a finite resistance between them, that means they’re on the same coil. If the resistance is infinite, they’re on different coils.)

Does this answer your questions?


Thanks for the reply.
I have not seen the wiring diagram you referenced. It looks like it may be very helpful. I will have to take a closer look at this tomorrow. I think you have answered my question. If not i will post again…

thanks again