Animatronic help *update 3/4/05*

First off, I would like to apologize in advance for (1) the cryptic newbie question and (2) the total lack of knowledge on the proper terms… what I do bring to the table is a core of some very competent individuals, so I have lots of hand holding. The one person is very good at wiring and soldering breadboards together so there is never a problem with voltage and everything works right. The other person is a wonder with a BASIC stamp… I think this guy sleeps with one under his pillow at night…lol. Not to mention that I am a database admin at a fairly well known engineering collge…I also am friends with a good crew of artisans… one has even worked in the Stan Winston shop and has worked on such movies as “The Day After Tomorrow”. He has done some animatronics in both school (Art institute of Pittsburg) and also in Hollywood. So what I am saying is even though I am a “challenged” I think I can pull this off with the people I can call on…
OK, enough of the babble, here is what I am trying to accomplish. This is a shot from the movie Aliens VS. Predator or AVP as it is known…

Eventually my ideas is to link like-actioned servos (right and left) to a servomotor reverser cable and then link all the servos for the various movements to a servo controller board…What I want to do is attach manual switch controls to pressure switches (like the kind in plush toys, squeeze the foot and something happens). These switches will eventually be molded into the fingertips of a latex glove. What I really would like the pressure switches to do is trigger possibly a PIC to activate the servos in some pre-defined way… an example would be the pressure switch mounted to the right index finger would activate a program that would cause the servo motors to move to a position that would make the figure look as if he is snarling as in anger (this would affect the servos controlling the mandibles, the eyebrows, and the lip for example)… the switch mount in the right middle finger would make the servos move to a position that would look like an amazed look…etc., etc. The costume features a devise that sits on the creatures forearm… it is a large enough area to house an RC battery plus (the way I see it) two switches (1) to turn the power off (2) to turn power on…
I know this was long-winded and very generic and for that I apologize… I guess my overall question is, is this feasible and if so, what would you recommend? Thanks in advance,
The mechanical underskull of this mask will have eleven points of articulation via cables attached to servo motors;
These include:
4 servos for the lower mandibles
one on each side to move the mandible away from the face and one to extend the tusks
2 servos for the upper mandibles
one on each side to move the mandible away from the face
2 servos per eyebrow that will control two independent points of movement of the inner and outer eyebrow
1 servo to lower and raise the upper lip section
From my understanding, I can link right and left sided similar actions with a servo reverser cable so I should only require a servo controller board that will power 6 servos (two for the lower mandibles, one for the upper, two for the eyebrows, and one for the lip).
I am looking to control the movements of the mask via pressure switches mounted in the glove of the character. Ideally I would like to use each switch to move either all the aforementioned servos or a subset of those servos in some predefined way that will give the character expression when activated