AMIS 30543 motor protection

i am using the AMIS 30543 breakout board, and I really appreciate the support especially when it comes to the library, which makes it really easy to use. In my application, it is possible that the motors are turned by hand, and I wonder whether the AMIS is protected aginst it using a flyback diode circuit? the datasheet from ON mentions flyback diodes, but i did not find any information in particular. so my question is the following - do in need to protect the motor outputs with an andditiona flyback diode circuit, or not?
yours & many thanks in advance.



The flyback diodes are internal and built into the MOSFETs that make up the H-bridges on the chip. In general back driving is not good practice, but would probably be fine unless you turn the motor in a way that generates higher voltages than the driver would output. If you have an oscilloscope, you could measure the voltage on one motor output pin while back driving to check.