AMIS-30543 carrier board, ROHS compliant?

As per the title. The board has been great. I’ve got dozens of them. Thanks!


Wow, thats a lot of Amis boards! I am glad you like them so much. Our RoHS compliance is based on specific instances, not the products in general, so we don’t say a particular product is RoHS. Products are RoHS if they are labeled as such (e.g. with a RoHS sticker or a logo on the item label). We do not track whether we shipped you RoHS units or not, so keeping track of that is up to you.

Generally speaking, everything we make these days is RoHS. All of our AMIS-30543 carriers in stock should currently be labeled RoHS, and I expect this to continue being the case going forward, but please coordinate with us before you place an order if you want to be absolutely sure you will receive RoHS-labeled parts.