AltIMU-10 AHRS - Arduino


I’ve made some AHRS software with altitude and temperature sensing using an AltIMU-10. Its for Arduino and I’ve tested it on an Arduino Nano v3. It’s a quaternion based AHRS that can provide an output in either euler angles (heading, pitch, roll), a rotation matrix or a quaternion. It also smooths altitude and temp readings using a rolling average low pass filter. It’s got a few other useful features too. … 0-arduino/

Just thought you guys might be interested!

Regards, Camel

Hello, Camel.

I am glad you that you were able to port my code to the Arduino. It looks good, and thanks for sharing it! I went ahead and wrote about it on our blog and also put it in the Resources tabs for the AltIMU-10 and MinIMU-9 v2.


Thanks for that! I’m happy that you like it.