After simultaneous USB and external power, no more USB comm


Thanks for your help, I plugged in the USB while a 12V battery was powering the board. It specifically says in the manual that you can do that. Now the USB will not communicate at all, it just turns off after a few yellow and green flashes. Control center doesn’t recognize anything. Thanks

Thank you for helping if you can, I’m a university student working with code in Zbasic and a ZX-1280 devboard to control my Mini Maestro (12V board power and 6V Servo Power, Servos all were tested in Control Center ). I am using the RX pin. Whenever I run the programs, the RED led turns on and Yellow flashes. I see this in the manual:

"When the Maestro is reset in some other way than being initially powered up, the red and/or yellow LEDs blink four times to indicate the reset condition:

-Yellow blinking, red steady: A firmware error resulted in a soft reset. This should never occur during normal usage."

I don’t know if this is that situation or what but before I got Zbasic to control the Servos at least in a basic way and now it always does this.

Thank you.


I am sorry you are having trouble with your Maestro servo controller. I am not entirely sure what it is you are doing. It sounds like you suspect you damaged the board, but it also sounds like you are trying to send the Maestro serial commands. If you just connect your Maestro to your computer, does your computer recognize the device?

If your Maestro is working, can you post a picture that clearly shows your connections? Can you also attach a video that shows the behavior of the LEDs? Did anything in your setup change between when it was working and when it stopped working?

- Amanda