Advice for a simple project

I’m new to robotics and I don’t know very much. I’m not really sure about what parts I should buy for what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to build a relatively small robot that runs on solar power and can stop when it detects a wall ahead. I’d also like the robot to walk on four legs and not use wheels. Any advice you could give me on what parts I should buy (particularly the motor, solar power, and surface detector) would be great. If I left out a crucial piece of information please let me know.


My advice is to pick a way more reasonable starting project. For instance, pick just the walking part. There are a bunch of kits out there, so take a look at them, and either buy one or study them carefully to see what you’re getting into if you want to build it from scratch. Generally, a real walking robot will be expensive, and you’ll need something closer to a dozen motors, not one. That also means a lot of power required, so any eventual solar-powered version would probably be disappointingly underpowered.

- Jan

another possible thought is to build a simple 2 wheeled robot that is solar powered