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Addressable RGB 30-LED Strip, 5V, 1m


We have reproduced the problem here and I will be working on updating our example code. Thank you for reporting this problem!



Thank you for your help !

I am now trying to add an Ethernet Shield on the top of the arduino UNO board, but I can’t make it work : the colors are quite random (pink - blue - green).

Have you already tried to make it work with such a configuration, or do you think it’s just impossible ?

Thanks again,


I am not sure why you would be getting random colors. You should look carefully at the schematic of the ethernet shield and make sure you assign the LED strip to a pin that is not being used for anything else. I have not tried that configuration but I don’t see any reason why it should be problematic.




Been following the advice in this problem but seems I may have a different issue. I just purchased the Addressable RGB 30-LED Strip, 5V, 1m (WS2812B) and am using the Pololu library for driving the strip. My set up is exactly the same as stated in the examples however I only get the first 8 leds to light, the first 7 seem to follow the rainbow script with the 8th being erratic. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, this is my first time playing with these strips. Thanks you.

Cheers, Michael


OK, seems led 8 is the issue since pressing on it seem to fix the strip. However this is a new purchase and since the leds so do not want to go further so have contacted support.


Hello, Micheal.

I spoke with you on the phone about your LED strip problem, but for others who might come across this forum post I would like to mention that the LED strip can likely be repaired since it sounds like the problem is isolated to the 8th LED segment. One solution might be to touch up the solder on the 8th LED, but if that does not work, removing the 8th LED entirely and soldering the strip back together should make the LED strip functional again.



Hello Brandon

Yes thank you. I wound up cutting the 8th led out of the strip and all is now good. Again, great support.

Cheers, Michael