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Adding sleep to I/O repeater app

I am building a practical joke device that would be triggered by a simple remote one button controller.
I have a momentary button plugged straight into a wixel and a lithium 6v battery. on the transmitter end.

the receiver is a wixel on a wixel arduino shield. Its connected to an arduino UNO to trgger a buzzer and some lights.

The problem is that the battery on the transmitter drains really fast so if its left on overnight… its dead.

Ive used wixels before but dont know anything about modifying an app. I know there is a way to put it into sleep mode but could use some help. Even the no hardware modification sleep 2 option would work great if it only draws 80 microamps.

Because Im using the wixel shield I am using P_0_1 as my input pin since P_0_0 is used up at the receiving end by the shield.

All other pins are inactive.


It is possible to get the current consumption down to around 100uA without modifying the Wixel’s hardware, as mentioned in the Wixel User’s Guide. You can find a lot of useful information and tips for minimizing your Wixel’s power consumption (including some sample code) in this thread.