Adding bump switchs to Maestro 18


I am new to the Pololu Micro Controller and just need a little help to check I’m on the right track.

I want to add some micro switchs to the Maestro to use as bump indicators, looking through the manual it says to put a pull-up resistor( 1 - 100 kilo Ohms)
could someone give me a little more detail as I went to the Electronics Shop and they asked all sorts of questions.

I am using a 6V power supply to power the servos, I need to know what Ohms and Watts resistor I should buy.



Pretty much any resistor from 1k to 100k should work. The watt rating should not be an issue at all; I usually use 1/4-Watt resistors for just because they are a convenient size for breadboards or hand-soldering.


@ Paul

Thanks for the info, I will get to and make up some switches.

I just have to locate some plugs to go on the board and figure out the programming to read the switches.

Thanks Leo