A4988's in parallel for more current

Would it be feasible to run 2 (or more) A4988’s in parallel for increased current capacity ?


I am also interested in this.


In general, H-bridges are hard to parallel. In this case, you would have at least four H-bridges involved. On top of that, the current limiting uses a fixed-off time scheme whose cycles would have to be synchronized. The step translators would also have to be synchronized. All that considered (plus more issues I probably haven’t!), I am pretty sure it is not feasible.

- Ryan

Thanks Ryan.

I guessed it was “too good to be true”; I was tempted to give it a try but asking is cheaper.

I don’t really understand the reasons, especially why 4 bridges would be required. Seems ignorance is not always bliss.
But thanks anyway.

Each stepper motor driver has two H-bridges inside it.

- Ryan