A4988 Stepper Motor Driver matching motor & power


I wanted to check and see if it is possible to successfully run the A4988 Stepper Motor Driver with this stepper motor and power supply. I found the motor here probotix.com/specs/HT23-260-4_specs.jpg
basic specs:
260 OzIn 4-Wire Stepper Motor

  • 260 Oz In. Hybrid
  • 1.8° /200 Steps Per Rev.
  • 2.5 Amps Current Per Phase
  • 4-wire Bi-polar

pwered by a 24V@2.5A power supply

Am i correct in understanding that is possible to run greater 2 Amps through the A4988 but it is imperative to keep the chip cool?

I appreciate any insight, thanks


No, the A4988 has a maximum current rating of 2 A per coil, so you should not expect to be able to exceed 2 A. Taking extra steps to keep the board cool becomes important if you want to try to get more than around 1 A per coil. Note that the stepper motor you mention might run with a current limit set below 2 A, but you will not get the motor’s full torque.

- Ben


Even if you could get the full power out of the A4988, your motor power supply would be underpowered. The stepper motor has two coils, or phases, and they can both be conducting at the same time.

- Ryan

Greetings Again -

I appreciate both of your comments.
Ryan you point out “The stepper motor has two coils, or phases, and they can both be conducting at the same time.” Does this mean the maxim amps I can run through the driver is 4A
2A per coil x 2 coils = requiring a 4A power supply?

An overall question I have about stepper motors is can I run under the motors stated amp and volt rating? I understand I will not get the total torque that the stepper is rated at but will the motor run in a predictable way without damaging it?

Example, I found this other stepper motor (spec sheet pdf included) via probotix.com/index.php?view … duct_id=51
the specs indicate that wired as a bipolor series its 2.1 amps Rated Current (Amps/phase). I can use a power supply that is 24V 4A and successfully get it to step?

-Thank you for your patients and insight.
HT23-280-8.pdf (75.2 KB)