A4988 Stepper driver and RepRap with Sanguinololu board

Hey guys,

I blew all 4 of my A4988 drivers last week by accidently plugging the chips in backward. I was following a picture on the RepRap wiki that showed them plugged in that way (of course there was a note under it that said they were backward that I did not see)

Anyway I ordered 4 new boards and I am trying to be extra cautious when they arrive. Here is a link to my Stepper Motor datasheet.


I have the motor connected as follows.

yellow - 2B
Blue - 2A
Red - 1A
Green - 1B

Is this correct?

Also one of the drivers I blew seems to work a bit but it just makes the stepper stutter.


I’m sorry to hear you killed your first set of drivers! Your motor connections look correct.

- Ben

If you want us to check the other connections too on your replacement boards before you apply power, feel free to post a picture or description once you have them set up.

- Kevin