A4988 Issue with microstepping on 1 of 3 A4988's

Hi All,

Not sure if this has been asked before but couldn’t really find anything by searching (probably searching the wrong term)

I’m having a bit of an issue with one of my A4988s on a 3 x A4988 board. The board is setup to an arduino uno and i am having trouble setting microstepping on one of the boards.

I have 3 x A4988s pinned out on a vero board and 2 of the controllers work as expected however the third is stuck in full step mode and wont go into any other MS mode.

So far i have checked the circuit which is correct, checked for any pin shorts, tried alternate digital pins on the arduino and confirmed the code is correct. Stepper in question works fine on the other A4988s.

The problem controller works perfectly fine for step and direction just not MS1-MS3.

Is there anything that i can check to see if the board itself is faulty or just throw it away and purchase a replacement.

Cheers, Cody.

Hello, Cody.

Can you try moving the suspect A4988 carrier to one of the other A4988 carrier locations on your board and see if it works there? If you are still having problems, can you tell me what you set your VREF voltage to when setting the current limit? Also, can you post some close-up pictures of both sides of the suspect A4988 carrier?