A4988 and 3A stepper - will I fry it?

I’ve just ordered some A4988s and need to drive some NEMA23 steppers for a CNC mill conversion. The 57BYGH56-401A motors I have are rated 3A and I have a 24V power supply.

Will I be OK driving these without burning out the A4988? I’m not going to be pushing 3A to them, just driving them at 1A or 2A properly heatsinked. Obviously I wound expect less power from the motors and that’s fine but I wanted to check nothing would go up in smoke.

Sorry - I should have done a better job searching before I posted. I’ll answer my own question; please shout if I’ve got it wrong.

It seems that driving the motor should be OK. I’ll not be making the most of it but I don’t think I’ll damage the driver. I’ll start limited somewhere below 1A to see if the motor works. Then I’ll creep up nearer to 2A (with heatsink and fan) if I need more power.

Hi, Fred.

Your answer to yourself is correct. With a 24V supply you will also want to be careful of LC spikes.

- Ryan