A4983 Wiring

I have recently bought a couple of A4983 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier boards and am having some trouble getting them to work.

I have wired it up as follows

VMOT -> +12Vdc
GND -> 0V
1A,1B -> stepper coil 1
2A,2B -> stepper coil 2
VDD -> +5V
GND -> 0V

EN -> 0V
MS1,MS2,MS3 -> +5V via 10k resistor
RST,SLP -> connected together
STEP -> arduino digital output sending +5v pulses
DIR -> 0V

The 0V connection is common to the +12V and +5V supplies and is used for the Arduino power as well.

I have checked all the connections on the breakout board with an oscilloscope and all levels are correct and the step pin is recieving a +5v pulse every .1 seconds.

However, nothing happens with the motor at all. Checking the output pins with a scope, it appears that they are all sitting at +12V and don’t want to move from there!

Have I done wired something up incorrectly?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




That sounds pretty reasonable. Are both units doing the same thing? Did something bad (reverse power, smoke coming out, etc.) ever happen? Can you post some pictures of your setup?

- Jan

Yeah, both boards do the same. No reverse voltage or anything going on. Everything is assembled on a breadboards and all levels were checked with a scope before the board was inserted. There are mo solder bridges visible under a magnifying glass.

Is it possible that I blew any of the components when I soldered wires into the board?

Thanks again for your help

It’s quite unlikely that soldering the pins in would break something. What is your current limit set to? Can you find what current is being drawn on the two supplies?

- Jan

Sorry to take so long to reply.
The circuit is drawing 0 amps of current on both supplies! I have tried this with the small pot at different positions and with/without the motor connected, neither of which seem to make any difference.

I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that I’ve inadvertantly done something stupid and blown the boards :unamused: and my best bet is to order some new ones.

Thank you very much for your help


If you want us to take a look at your unit as some kind of sanity check, you could contact us for an RMA number. Unfortunately, it looks like we might be out of stock for several weeks because the lead times on the driver chips are really long, so even if we verify that the unit is broken, you wouldn’t be able to get a replacement very quickly. It looks like there are still a few of the version with regulators available.

- Jan

Thanks for the offer but I am in the UK and bought your stock through a reseller over here.
I’ve ordered a couple of boards with the regulators on, hopefully I’ll have better luck with them :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your help, I’m really impressed with the level of support you offer on such cheap components!