A4983 Power Supplies


I was hoping someone might be able to help me. I am supplying the VDD for the A4983 board from the USB power of a computer regulated to 3.3 V but VMOT is a separate 12V unregulated wall adapter. I have adjusted the current to a suitable level for the motor and everything has been working fine and cool to the touch. However there is the possibility that VMOT would be powered without VDD energized if I plug the wall adapter in before I hook up the USB cable to the computer. Also it is possible that VDD is left on for extended periods of time without VMOT if I unplug the wall adapter and forget to detach the system from the computer. Do any of these scenarios pose a threat to the board or chip?


P.S Forgot to mention that I have RESET hard wired to SLEEP and I am not using the ENABLE pin and all MS pins are also hard wired high to put it in 1/16 mode.


I don’t know for sure, but I don’t see anything in the datasheet warning against what you are doing.

- Jan

Thanks Jan,

That is great news.
I couldn’t find anything either but wanted to check with the experts just in case :smiley: