A4983 datasheet, maximum power


I’m a ‘relative’ newbie, and reading the A4983 datasheet, one spec keeps bothering me.

I know the maximum output is 2A.

The Allegro A4983 datasheet, page 4, show the Motor Supply Current (Ibb) at 2mA or 4mA.

Can anyone explain what this entry means?


Hello, Ron,

Those figures are for the current consumed by the chip itself (4 mA when operating normally at < 50 kHz, 2 mA when the outputs are off), excluding the current going to the motor.

- Kevin

Thank you Kevin, for enlightening me.

That has to be rather odd naming for this characteristic “Motor Supply Voltage”, yet this value “excludes current going to the motor”. No wonder I was having trouble reconciling all this!

Many thanks!



What would you call the current that the chip consumes on its motor supply line?

- Jan

Ah ha!

I learned something!

Thanks Jan,