A-Star using Orangutan library?


I am trying to port code from the Orangutan to the A-Star seeing that the Orangutan is being discontinued. I would like to know if there’s a A-Star library similar to that of the the Orangutan’s PWM library or if I will have to modify the existing library to the A-Star’s specs…or if it makes better sense to move away from ATmel studio and just embrace the Arduino IDE instead.




We do not have a Arduino version of the OrangutanPulseIn library for the A-Star. You could use the Arduino’s pulseIn function to read a PWM signal instead of trying to modify the Orangutan Pulse/PWM library to work on the A-Star. For more information about the pulseIn function, see the PulseIn page on the Arduino website

- Amanda

Ah, thanks. I was hoping that I could stay within the realm of Atmel Studio rather than having to adopt the Arduino IDE.