A simple robot like the 3pi with wireless

I’m aware of the fact that the 3pi can be expanded to have wireless (which would cost $199). That is a little bit too much for the budget that I’m currently on for buying a toy.

Is there some other robot that’s like the 3pi but offers wireless? (~$100 is very important, whereas the LCD and the line following is not, especially since I could communicate via wireless)

Any chip platform is fine as long as it uses C to program (and can be programmed under Ubuntu as it’s my only OS atm)



Unfortunately, I don’t know of a robot like you are describing. I think it would be possible to build something like that from the parts we sell, though. Let me know if you’d like help with that.

- Ryan

This robot will be pretty much identical to the 3pi with less sensors and a wireless controller. This is what we are thinking:

Note: We are complete n00bs to designing, building, and programming a robot. Please point out any mistakes or anything we’ve missed (We need a lot of help :slight_smile: )

[li]Get a very simple controller such as pololu.com/catalog/product/1301[/li]
[li]Get a wixel pair and connect 1 to the controller as above (We’re not sure how this is done or if it is even possible). Connect the other one to the computer via USB to send out remote control commands. facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A … =9AQBgj8sP[/li]
[li]Attach 2 DC motors, 1 to each wheel, to the controller for steering and movement.[/li]
[li]Optionally we can attach a distance sensor (need recommendation) for sight that will allow for some autonomous control.[/li]
[li]We’re not sure about what a reasonable max speed would be, but we know the dimensions of this robot are probably going to big as big as the 3pi robot.[/li][/ul]

We need some n00b help, essentially. We have people who are good at shop work and soldering, people good in software, but not actually hardware and electrical

You’re on the right track. What about something like this slightly more than $100 wireless robot wish list? The Wixel could also be your main controller, so you don’t have to buy a Baby Orangutan or a Programmer.

- Ryan

I’m not too sure about the Wixel’s capability, as we do plan to upgrade the robot with some autonomous operation with some sort of sensor (None of the sensors have a good range on Pololu?)

Which sensors are you referring to? What capability are you worried the Wixel will lack?

- Ryan

I don’t know what it will lack. In fact, is there any?

As the the sensor, I want something like a distance sensor, but the sensors page from Pololu is around 7m max and are usually below a meter (and expensive given my price range). This sensor will tell me if there’s anything blocking directly ahead of the robot (even thinking about having it rotate so I get a “map” of the surroundings if possible)

Your question is too broad. The Wixel is, of course, better at somethings than others. If you have a specific question about the features of the Wixel, I’d be happy to answer it.

- Ryan