A FREE Animatronics program that works with the Serial 8

I have just posted a program that HOPEFULLY works in helping people do animatronics with the Pololu serial 8.

I have somewhat tested it but do not have an multi servo animatronic project working yet.

I guess I am more of a programmer than a character builder.


Try it have fun.

That looks awesome, I’m so sad I didn’t try it earlier today (all my servos are at work). Now I have something to look forward to on Monday!



That looks really cool–thanks for sharing!

- Ben

I glad this may help someone.

I haven’t tested all that extensively because I do no have a project that will test it to it’s fullest. I am not sure if will work with the Serial 16-servo controller and USB 16-servo controller it probably will for servos 1-8 if it is COM1.

I hope Pololu doesn’t mind me using some of their pictures in my documentation. If you do let me know what I am and am not (horrible English) allowed to do.


We are happy with your use of our pictures since you are promoting a Pololu product. (We mind when others use our pictures to promote their own products or web pages. We’ve seen our pictures with our product or our watermark intentionally removed!)

- Jan