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A fraction of a revolution of stepper motor


My objective is to make my stepper motor spin 1/20 of a revolution (18 degrees = 10 steps) every time I click a virtual button on the screen.

I suppose I can either produce a well defined series of pulses (5V) as input for my current stepper motor driver, which in turn will energize the motor, or use a different driver altogether which will be commanded by USB and energize the motor.

Maximum phase current is 0.4A (my experience shows that lower current may be better).

Any recommendations regarding hardware and software (for controlling the hardware, including simple GUI)?



As you mentioned, there are probably many ways you could go about doing something like that. Using one of our Tic USB Stepper Motor Controllers would allow you to control your stepper motor over USB like you mentioned. We do not have a specific example for doing what you described, so you would have to write your own software. The “Writing PC software to control the Tic” section of the Tic controller’s user’s guide is probably a good place to start.



Thank you BrandonM,
It really does seem to be quite simple - two code lines (set target velocity; set target position).
I will give it a try.