8 Servo Controller - servos behaving eratically!

I recently bought an 8 servo controller and connected it up in Mini SSC mode and all worked fine.

However, I’ve now connected the controller up in a more permanent fashion and it won’t play ball! The only things I’ve changed are the PC to which it is attached and the power source. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to the original PC or Power Supply at the moment so I can’t be sure that these are the problem.

When I first startup the controller, the orange light stays on constantly. When I send data, the orange light flashes and the servos just jitter wildly. The green LED doesn’t flash at all. The servos also jitter when the serial cable isn’t connected.

Any suggestions appreciated!

I solved it - just thought I’d post my findings in case anyone else experiences the same problems.

I picked up a new, higher rates, power supply and it works fine!