8 channel Servo Controller wireless?

Hey Folks!

I’ve been mulling this over time and I figured I’d pose this question to all readers.

Is there a way to make a device to run an 8 serial Servo controller wireless.

Currently I am running a proprietary program that only runs the 8 serial controller and I would like to break the umbilical cord to make it wireless.

Am I shooting in the dark with this concept?


I don’t know what proprietary program you are running, but if it is just doing serial communication, you aren’t shooting in the dark. A lot of the small-scale wireless solutions out there end up creating a serial (RX/TX) pipe which you can stream data. One example of this are the XBee modules.

The other way to break the umbilical cord, is to move the control software onto a microcontroller and embed that with your servo controller. Our new Micro Maestro servo controller actually lets you put some control code into its memory, allowing you to forgo the embedded microcontroller in some cases.

- Ryan

I was just looking at that. Thinking IF I can extrapulate some blob lib and aquisitioning, this may work. The other problem which I found was using a WiFi cam to make this work alongside the USB to Bluetooth gizmo.

Will keep pecking at this until I get it completed. So far, I managed to hide most of the wiring and pneumatic tubing inside the framework to make it look clean and not tie-wrapped as it came to me.